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Star Citizen Alpha 3.19.X EPTU Playtest

Greetings Avocados!

On Tuesday June 27nd we will be running a playtest with you all along with many SC developers to gather a wide array of data and server captures!

This is a Network and Data team experiment and should give them some extremely valuable data on how the servers will behave during the test!

Instructions for the Playtest

Build CL: TBD

Launcher Channel: TBD

Date & Time: Tuesday, June 27th 2023 – 1400 CST | 1900 UTC – Approximately 2-3 hour test

This test will involve loading in at specific times and moving around the PU into certain locations and maybe see if we can get a good dogfight going with as close to 200 players as possible

During this test, Please avoid doing any ship customizations or purchasing items from shops of any kind to limit the types of data being recorded.

Phase 1 – Spawn

Phase 1 will involve all players to loading into Orison and holding in the zone without leaving or purchasing items

30 minutes after players start joining we will be taking Client and Server captures of the location

Phase 2 – R&R Station

Once the go-ahead is given, Spawn ships and fly to CRU-L1

The fewer ships we have is better at this stage for the sake of time and spawn limitations for a single LZ. Try to join other player ships.

30 minutes after players start joining we will be taking Client and Server captures of the location

Phase 3 – Planetside

Once the go-ahead is given, fly to Dymar and move down to Area 141 on the surface

30 minutes after players arrive we will be taking Client and Server captures of the location

Phase 4 – Combat

Once we are ready, we will advise all players to spread out and fly to either Grim Hex or Port Olisar and land.

This is going to be a bit of a cluster, but next we will have everyone claim and spawn their own ships (Please do not edit loadouts)

Leave the hangar/pad and meet just outside Grim Hex to prepare for space battle!

Please do not engage yet at this stage until we are ready. Flying around a ton is probably not advisable due to the high chance of colliding with other players and causing too much havoc.

Once most players are out of GrimHex we will start a countdown timer to begin the battle of the ages!

During this battle we will be conducting Client and Server Captures

Phase 5 – Split

This final phase will happen right after the battle

We would like players slain in battle to have free reign and fly to as many random locations around the PU as possible to spread out the load

About 30 minutes after spreading begins we will take further Client and Server Captures

This is definitely going to be an interesting test but should bring some immensely valuable data for the Networking and Data teams to dive into!

Thank you all so much for participating in these tests!

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3.19.1 OPEN PTU


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