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Star Citizen | Alpha 3.19 8447572 Data Mining

In questo post indichiamo tutte le informazioni recuperate dai file di Star Citizen delle Patch 3.19.0. 8447572

Temporary value

@hud_mining_modifier_cluster_factor=Cluster Factor (~ItemModifierMethod(value)%)

Adagio Holdings Reputation


Rights to a new Salvage Claim are available for purchase. Exclusive access to the ship’s verified coordinates in monitored space will be provided upon confirmed credit transfer. The coordinates will remain accessible as long as the accepted contract is active.

Claim #~mission(ClaimNumber):
• SHIP: ~mission(Ship)
• CAUSE OF ACCIDENT: ~mission(ShipStory)
• LOCATION: ~mission(location)

Adagio Rights Division
Adagio_BasicSalvage_Title_01=Claim #~mission(ClaimNumber): ~mission(Ship) Salvage Rights
Adagio_RepUI_Description=Founded by retired Naval logistics personnel, Adagio found success supporting the voracious resource appetite of the Messer-era military-industrial complex through their salvaging operations. After the end of the Messer regime, Adagio, like many other military contractors, lost their contract, and the company was forced to find new sources of revenue. This ultimately led Adagio begin reselling salvage rights they’ve acquired to independent captains and other enterprises of various sizes.
Adagio_RepUI_DisplayName=Adagio Holdings
Adagio_RepUI_HQ=Keene, Killian System
Adagio_RepUI_Leadership=Samoht Rhine, CEO
Adagio_from=Adagio Holdings

Basic Salvage

BasicSalvage_obj_long_01=Salvage the ~mission(ship) at ~mission(location).
BasicSalvage_obj_marker_01=Salvage Claim
BasicSalvage_subobj_long_01a=Travel to ~mission(location) to find your claim.
BasicSalvage_subobj_long_01b=Salvage the ~mission(ship) at ~mission(location).
BasicSalvage_subobj_short_01a=Travel to ~mission(location)
BasicSalvage_subobj_short_01b=Salvage the ~mission(ship)

Dynamic Event Fleet Week

DynamicEvent_FleetWeek2022_IFFIMarker=Possible IFFI Location
DynamicEvent_FleetWeek2022_KillSympathiser_Long=Nine Tails Sympathizers Neutralized: ~mission(CurrentNTSimpsKilled)
DynamicEvent_FleetWeek2022_KillSympathiser_Marker=Nine Tails Sympathizer
DynamicEvent_FleetWeek2022_KillSympathiser_Short=Neutralize the Sympathizer

Frontend Login

Frontend_Login_QueueUpdate=You’re in the login queue %S.
You’re in position %u
ETA: Less than a minute.
Frontend_Login_QueueUpdate_Seconds=You’re in the login queue %S.
You’re in position %u
ETA: Less than a minute.

Frontend_Login_Waiting_Repair_Reset=Your character is in repair or reset. We will resume login shortly.


Name_NT_ArtKelvin=Art “Stax” Kelvin
Name_NT_DevinMarcus=Devin “Scorch” Marcus
Name_NT_MendoRen=Mendo Ren
Name_NT_NolanAcker=Nolan Acker
Name_NT_RemyKettle=Remy “Phoenix” Kettle

Olympus Principal Reputation

OlympusPrincipal_RepUI_Description=Headquartered in Terra, Olympus Principal provides all manner of insurance policies for everything from ships and vehicles to residence and business protections. Thanks to their broad portfolio of subsidiary corporations, Olympus Principal forged strong ties with the UEE and secured contracts to insure government employees, expanding its name recognition and securing its position as one of the leading insurance companies in the universe.
OlympusPrincipal_RepUI_Focus=Insurance, Investment
OlympusPrincipal_RepUI_Headquarters=Prime, Terra
OlympusPrincipal_RepUI_Leadership=Leona Zion, CEO
OlympusPrincipal_RepUI_Name=Olympus Principal

Bevic Convtion Center Announce

PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Announce_Halls_EmergencyExit_IG_001_AttentionThisIs=Attention. This is an emergency announcement. All guests are instructed to calmly make their way to the nearest exit. Thank you.
PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Announce_Halls_EmergencyResolve_IG_001_AttentionWeThank=Attention. We thank you for your patience while we resolved the recent unexpected issue. All guests are now free to go about their day.
PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Announce_Halls_EmergencyStay_IG_001_AttentionThisIs=Attention. This is an emergency announcement. All guests are instructed to calmly remain where they are. Thank you.
PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Announce_Halls_EmergencyUpdate_IG_001_AttentionBevicConvention=Attention. Bevic Convention Center appreciates your full cooperation during this ongoing emergency. We hope to have the matter resolved shortly. Thank you.
PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Announce_Halls_Goodbye_IG_001_ThankYouFor=Thank you for visiting the Bevic Convention Center. Have a great rest of your day.
PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Announce_Halls_Info_IG_001_DontLetHunger=Don’t let hunger and thirst slow you down. While enjoying your day, be sure to treat yourself with a stop at one of the Bevic Convention Center’s refreshment stands.
PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Announce_Halls_Info_IG_002_BevicWouldLike=Bevic would like to thank all our guests for keeping the Convention Center a stim free environment.
PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Announce_Halls_Info_IG_003_WhileEveryoneIs=While everyone is welcome to the Bevic Convention Center to enjoy a day of refreshing fun, their trash and litter is not. Thanks for doing your part to keep the Convention Center clean.
PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Announce_Halls_NowOpen_IG_001_GreatNewsThe=Great news! The show floor is now open and all guests are invited to make their way to the halls. Enjoy!
PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Announce_Halls_Opening_IG_001_ExcitedToGet=Excited to get started? Today’s event will be starting in a few moments. Thank you for your patience.
PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Announce_Halls_Welcome_IG_001_HelloAndWelcome=Hello and Welcome to the Bevic Convtion Center, ArcCorp’s leading destination for live events and refreshing fun.
PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Warn_Halls_Arresting_IG_001_AttentionBeAdvised=Attention. Be advised that in coordination with local law enforcement, any unauthorized individuals found on the premises are considered trespassing. Thank you for your future cooperation in this matter.
PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Warn_Halls_Closing_IG_001_AttentionBevicConvention=Attention, Bevic Convention Center will be closing shortly. We ask all visitors to make their way to the nearest exit. Thank you.
PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Warn_Halls_Closing_LastOccur_IG_001_FinalReminderThe=Final reminder, the Convention Center is closing. All visitors need to leave immediately. Any guests remaining after closing hours will be trespassing.
PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Warn_Halls_Closing_RepeatOccur_IG_001_ReminderBevicConvention=Reminder, Bevic Convention Center will be closing soon. Please head to the nearest exit now. Thank you.
PU_BCCANN01_M_LPA_Warn_Halls_Trespassing_IG_001_BevicConventionCenter=Bevic Convention Center is now closed. Any remaining guests are now trespassing.

Reputation Scope


Reputation Standing Salvaging

RepStanding_Salvaging_Rank1=Apprentice Salvager
RepStanding_Salvaging_Rank2=Associate Salvager
RepStanding_Salvaging_Rank4=Senior Salvager
RepStanding_Salvaging_Rank5=Master Salvager

Reputation Standing Scavenging

RepStanding_Scavenging_Rank0=Prospective Scavenger
RepStanding_Scavenging_Rank1=Rust Collector
RepStanding_Scavenging_Rank3=Enterprising Scavenger
RepStanding_Scavenging_Rank4=Trusted Scavenger
RepStanding_Scavenging_Rank5=Expert Scavenger

Salvage Contractor

SalvageContractor_Lawful_shipstory_001=Mining Accident
SalvageContractor_Lawful_shipstory_002=Attacked by Outlaw Pack
SalvageContractor_Lawful_shipstory_004=Critical Malfunction
SalvageContractor_Lawful_shipstory_005=Destroyed in Dogfight
SalvageContractor_Lawful_shipstory_006=Thruster Failure
SalvageContractor_Lawful_shipstory_007=System Failure
SalvageContractor_Lawful_shipstory_009=Accidental Self-Destruct
SalvageContractor_Lawful_shipstory_010=Asteroid Collision
SalvageContractor_obj_progress_short=Remaining Salvage


Stanton2_CloudrestRetreatCluster=Cloudrest Retreat
Stanton2_CloudrestRetreatCluster_Desc=Cloudrest Retreat
Stanton2_EmpyreanParkCluster=Empyrean Park
Stanton2_EmpyreanParkCluster_Desc=Empyrean Park is a Crusader platform cluster located outside of Orison. It contains a variety of platforms, including those that provide residential, recreation and resort facilities that capitalize on the location’s unique beauty
Stanton2_ProspectPointCluster=Prospect Point
Stanton2_ProspectPointCluster_Desc=Prospect Point is a Crusader platform cluster located outside of Orison. It contains a variety of platforms, including those that provide residential, recreation and resort facilities that capitalize on the location’s unique beauty.

TARPits Principal Reputation

TARPits_RepUI_Description=Known for their namesake Tow And Repair scams, the Tar Pits run illegal salvage operations, stripping distressed or otherwise unattended ships before their rightful owners can reclaim them. By selling these stolen parts to other criminal groups, the Tar Pits have managed to maintain good relationships with the other larger gangs in Stanton.
TARPits_RepUI_DisplayName=[PH] Tar Pits
TARPits_RepUI_Focus=Piracy, Salvage

TARPits Timed Salvage

TarPits_TimedSalvage_Desc_01=We’ve got our eye on a ~mission(ship) that’s ripe for salvaging. We’re too busy to snag it ourselves so, why not spread the wealth, right?

If you send us some credits, we’ll send you the ship’s location. Don’t take too long to think it over, though. You’ve probably got about ~mission(timer) minutes until security gets there to check out the wreck. Could be more, could be less.

If you’re fast enough you can get in, get your haul, and get out without a shot fired. Not a bad deal, right?
TarPits_TimedSalvage_Desc_02_ChickenShip=We got word that Adagio has a salvage contract coming for a ~mission(ship). If you’re interested in swooping in, we can sell you the coordinates for a nice discount. Gotta decide fast, though.

Some unlucky salvager will probably buy the rights to the claim soon, but our guess is that it’ll take at least ~mission(timer) minutes until they get there. If they see you picking at their claim, they might call security on you but if you’re any good you should have plenty of time. And if you’re slow, I guess you can just shoot them down before they send word to anyone, right?
TarPits_TimedSalvage_Title_01=Risky ~mission(Ship) Salvage Job
TarPits_from=Tar Pits

Timed Salvage

TimedSalvage_MissionFail=Salvage Lost
TimedSalvage_TimerExpires=WARNING: Possible Inbound Threat
TimedSalvage_obj_01_long=Salvage the ~mission(ship) at ~mission(location) before security arrives.
TimedSalvage_obj_02_long=Estimated time before security arrives: ~mission(time).
TimedSalvage_obj_02_short=Estimated Time Until Arrival: %ls
TimedSalvage_subobj_long_01a=Go to ~mission(location|address).
TimedSalvage_subobj_long_01b=Salvage the ~mission(ship)
TimedSalvage_subobj_short_01a=Go to ~mission(location)


Tut01_Hint01_ExitBed=Welcome to Star Citizen!
This tutorial will walk you through your first steps towards life among the stars in the 30th century.
To exit from beds or seating, press [~action(seat_general|v_exit)].
Tut01_Hint01b_Regen=Dying in the ‘Verse
Congratulations! You died. This is a common occurrence in the ‘verse.
During the tutorial, dying will return you to a hab, but after the tutorial you will awaken in a medical facility.
Tut01_Hint02_Movement=Controls – Basic Movement
To look around, use [~action(player|rotatepitch)] and [~action(player|rotateyaw)].
To move, use [~action(player|moveforward)] [~action(player|moveleft)] [~action(player|moveback)] [~action(player|moveright)].
Tut01_Hint02a_Mobiglas=mobiGlas – Journal
Your mobiGlas personal computer features a Journal where useful information and documents are kept.
Press [~action(player|mobiglas)] to access your mobiGlas and from the bottom row of icons, select the Journal app.
Tut01_Hint02b_ContractManager=mobiGlas – Contract Manager
Your mobiGlas also features a Contract Manager that displays available, accepted, and completed contracts.
Navigate to the “Accepted” tab to see more information on the current Tutorial.
Tut01_Hint03_HungerThirst=Hunger & Thirst
Your hunger and thirst are tracked at the bottom left of your screen.
You need to eat and drink to stay healthy.
Tut01_Hint04_InteractionMode=Interaction Mode
To enter Interaction Mode, hold [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)].
In Interaction Mode you can interact with any blue highlighted item.
Tut01_Hint06_EatAndDrink=Interaction Mode
Use Interaction Mode [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)] to eat the Burrito and drink the Water in your Hab..
Tut01_Journal01_GettingStarted_Content=Welcome to Star Citizen!

You have just stepped 930 years into a future where Humanity has spread across the stars under the rule of the United Empire of Earth (the UEE). While many Humans spend their lives never leaving their homeworld, there are those who choose to travel aboard advanced starships, braving outlaws, hostile aliens, and hazardous conditions to seek their fortune.

Currently, you are in Area18, on ArcCorp, the third planet in the Stanton System – a great distance from Humanity’s origins in the Sol System. The four planets in the system are owned by megacorporations who each purchased a planet from the UEE and now govern their own region of space. They are: Hurston Dynamics, Crusader Industries, ArcCorp, and microTech.

Area18 is the main commercial zone of the mega-city that sprawls across the surface of ArcCorp. From here, the tutorial will guide you to Baijini Point, the space station in orbit above the planet that can serve as your gateway to further exploration of the Stanton system.
Tut01_Journal01_GettingStarted_Title=Tutorial – Welcome to the Verse
Tut01_Journal02_TheBasics_Content=The universe of Star Citizen is a dynamic place, providing players with the ability to interact with much of environment around them. The foundation of this ability is the game’s Interaction Mode.

To enter Interaction Mode, hold [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)].

If you are in range to interact with an object – like a door or item of food – it will be highlighted blue and a number of options will appear, defining the various ways you can interact with that item. The option you are currently selecting will be highlighted in a brighter color than the other options. Once your desired option is targeted, select it with [~action(player_choice|pc_select)].

You can also Quick Interact with an object by tapping [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)] to do the main action associated with it. For example, tapping [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)] will open a closed door. It’ll also pick up an item, loot a container, and switch lights on or off.

While holding an item, such as a consumable, you can use [~action(player|consume)] to eat or drink the item.

You can also use the [~action(player_choice|pc_zoom_in)] to zoom in, or [~action(player_choice|pc_zoom_out)] to zoom out, while in Interaction Mode. When interacting with an interface, the same controls will also allow you to scroll through the list of available options on the display. For example, you can scroll through the list of floor options while interacting with an elevator panel.

For all manners of interaction, you may prefer to use different keybinds. To view all the current keybinds or adjust them, use the Keybindings tab of the Options menu which is accessed by pressing [~action(default|ui_back)].
Tut01_Journal02_TheBasics_Title=Tutorial – Interaction Mode
Tut01_Journal_From=How to Play Guide
Tut01_Obj01_ExitBed=Exit Bed
Tut01_Obj01_ExitBed_Long=Exit your bed.
Tut01_Obj01a_mobiGlas_Long=Open your mobiGlas and check your journal.
Tut01_Obj01a_mobiGlas_Short=Check your Journal
Tut01_Obj02_DrinkWater=Drink Water
Tut01_Obj02_EatDrink_Long=Replenish your hunger and thirst.
Tut01_Obj02_EatFood=Eat Food
Tut01_subobj_DrinkWater_long_02a=Drink water to replenish your thirst.
Tut01_subobj_EatFood_long_02a=Eat food to replenish your hunger.
Tut02_Hint00_Medal=Interaction Mode – Storing Items
Use Interaction Mode [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)] to select the “Store” action.
This will place the medal in your inventory.
Tut02_Hint01_OpenDoor=Interaction Mode – Quick Press
Use Interaction Mode [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)] to open the Hab’s exit. Once you leave, you will not be able to return.
To quickly use an item’s main interaction, while near the item simply press [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)].
Tut02_Hint02_Sprint=Controls – Basic Movement
To sprint for a limited time, hold [~action(player|sprint)].
You can also crouch by pressing [~action(player|crouch)] and jump by pressing [~action(player|jump)].
Tut02_Hint03_Elevator=Interaction Mode – Elevators
Use Interaction Mode [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)] to call the elevator.
Tut02_Hint03a_GroundFloor=Interaction Mode – Elevators
Enter the elevator and use Interaction Mode [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)] to select Ground Floor on the interior Elevator Controls.
Tut02_Hint03b_SeeMap=Navigational Signs
Cities and Space Stations are filled with signs to help guide you.
While navigating, be sure to observe your environment to avoid getting lost.
Tut02_Hint04_RunSpeed=Controls – Basic Movement
To increase your movement speed, use [~action(player|fixed_speed_increment)] or to decrease it use [~action(player|fixed_speed_decremeent)].
Tut02_Hint04a_Kiosks=Controls – Shopping
Use Interaction Mode [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)] to browse shopping kiosks and buy or sell items.
Move away from the kiosk to exit the interface.
Tut02_Hint05_CrouchJump=Controls – Basic Movement
To sprint for a limited time, hold [~action(player|sprint)].
You can also crouch by pressing [~action(player|crouch)] and jump by pressing [~action(player|jump)].
Tut02_Hint05_CrouchJump_0=Press CTRL to crouch or SPACE to jump
Tut02_Journal01_Trading_Content=The universe of Star Citizen has many unique pieces of equipment and clothing for you to use. These items may be looted from adversaries but can also be purchased from the numerous stores around the ‘verse. Specialized stores at major landing zones tend to have the necessary stock to cover your basic needs, whereas quieter areas might have unique variants or niche equipment.

To buy an item on display, approach it and hold [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)] to enter Interaction Mode. The brand logo, item name, and price will be displayed, as well as options to BUY, TRY ON, or INSPECT the item. If you like what you see and have the necessary funds, selecting the BUY option will open your mobiGlas so you can complete the purchase.

You can also use Interaction Mode [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)] to browse the shopping kiosks. Whilst these kiosks are not as hands-on it is easier to buy goods in volume through the kiosk interfaces. Kiosks also give you the option to choose where the items will be delivered – either to your local storage, or directly to your personal inventory.

To sell items, first make sure that they are in your personal inventory, local storage, or are cargo on a vehicle stored at that location. Then you can interact with a shopping kiosk [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)] at a store and use the “SELL” tab. From there you will be given options to select which items you wish to sell. Not all stores will purchase all items
Tut02_Journal01_Trading_Title=Tutorial – Shopping
Tut02_Journal02_Inventory_Content=Star Citizen is filled with objects to discover, collect, and purchase. The below guide will help you manage where all your belongings are stored, and how to access them.

Your Personal Inventory is the storage on your character. To open your inventory management screen press [~action(player_choice|pc_pit-inventory)]. You can use this screen to arrange and organize your items, transferring them between your Personal Inventory and local storage. Note the capacity bar near the top that indicates how much can carry.

To equip items to your character, hold select the item and drag it and drag the item onto your character or into the appropriate personal inventory location, or press [~action(player_choice|pc_item_secondary)] and select EQUIP. Certain items have requirements for when they can be equipped, such as armor needing to be placed on an undersuit.

Your Local Storage is unique to the current zone you are in. For example, if you are on microTech you will no longer have access to your Area18 storage. While Local Storages are significantly larger than personal inventories, they still have their own maximum capacity.

As you accumulate a high number of items you can use the tabs at the top of the Local Inventory window to filter through specific categories of items and equipment.

Vehicles also have their own storage capacity. This inventory is not shared with any other players aboard and remains accessible to you while onboard the vehicle or while that vehicle is parked at your current landing zone.

Remember, when you get into dangerous situations out in the ‘verse you risk losing your items! Things in your personal inventory at the time of your death will remain on your corpse and will need to be retrieved. The same is true when a vehicle is destroyed. There is a chance that other players will find and claim your lost items before you can.

Anything in storage at a major city landing zone is safe regardless of what happens to you or your vehicles.
Tut02_Journal02_Inventory_Title=Tutorial – Inventory Management
Tut02_Obj00_TakeMcGuffin=Store the Medal in your Inventory
Tut02_Obj00_TakeMcGuffin_Long=Store the UNE Unification War Medal in your inventory.
Tut02_Obj01_ExitApartment=Leave the Hab
Tut02_Obj01_ExitApartment_Long=Leave the hab.
Tut02_Obj02_TakeElevator=Take the Elevator to the Ground Floor
Tut02_Obj02_TakeElevator_HUD=Elevator Controls
Tut02_Obj02_TakeElevator_Long=Take the elevator to the ground floor.
Tut02_Obj02a_SeeMap=View the Area Map
Tut02_Obj02a_SeeMap_HUD=Area Map
Tut02_Obj02a_SeeMap_Long=View the area map.
Tut02_Obj03_ToCubbyBlast=Head to Cubby Blast
Tut02_Obj03_ToCubbyBlast_HUD_1=Cubby Blast
Tut02_Obj03_ToCubbyBlast_Long=Head to the Cubby Blast retail store.
Tut02_Obj04_SellItem_HUD=Shopping Kiosk
Tut02_Obj04_SellItem_Long=Sell the medal at Cubby Blast.
Tut02_Obj04_UseKiosk=Use the Shopping Kiosk
Tut02_Obj04_UseKiosk_Long=Use the shopping kiosk at Cubby Blast.
Tut03_Part01_Hint00a_Chat=Basic Controls – Chat
You can communicate with other players on your current server through the chat window on the left-hand side of your screen.
To type in the chat window, press [~action(default|focus_on_chat_textinput)]. To hide or show the chat window, press [~action(default|toggle_chat)].
Tut03_Part01_Hint00b_Signage=Navigational Signs
Cities and Space Stations are filled with signs to help guide you.
While navigating, be sure to observe your environment to avoid getting lost.
One of the richest megacorporations in the universe, ArcCorp is best known as a producer of ship components – including Quantum Drives.
Today, they also govern this planet, the most populous in the entire Stanton system.
Tut03_Part01_Hint00d_Advocacy=The Advocacy
The Advocacy is the inter-system police force of the UEE. While the Empire has a minimal presence in Stanton, the Advocacy does maintain an office on ArcCorp.
Tut03_Part01_Hint01_BoardTrain=Cityflight Shuttles
Every major city has public transportation to help you get around.
If you miss a shuttle, don’t worry, another will arrive shortly.
Tut03_Part01_Hint02_ExitTrain=Cityflight Shuttles
Your exit is coming up!
Get off your shuttle at the next stop to reach the Spaceport.
Tut03_Part01_Obj01_ToStation=Head to the Cityflight Transit Terminal
Tut03_Part01_Obj01_ToStation_Long=Head to the Cityflight transit terminal.
Tut03_Part01_Obj02_BoardTrain=Board the Cityflight Shuttle
Tut03_Part01_Obj02_BoardTrain_long=Board the Cityflight shuttle when it arrives.
Tut03_Part01_Obj03_ToSpaceport=Exit the Shuttle at Riker Memorial Spaceport
Tut03_Part01_Obj03_ToSpaceport_Long=Exit the shuttle at Riker Memorial Spaceport.
Tut03_Part02_Hint01_ToASOP=Fleet Manager Terminals
The “Airspace Organization and Procedure” (ASOP) terminals are used to retrieve and store the vehicles you have access to.
During the tutorial, a ship has been temporarily provided for you. All your owned vehicles will be accessible afterwards.
Tut03_Part02_Hint02_SpawnShip=Fleet Manager
Use Interaction Mode [~action(player|pc_interaction_mode)] to access any of the Fleet Manager Terminals.
Select the “Retrieve” action to have the Tutorial Ship delivered to an available hangar.
Tut03_Part02_Hint02b_ClaimShip=Fleet Manager
If your vehicle has been destroyed, or is in another location, you must “Claim” it before you can retrieve it.
The wait time and cost to claim a vehicle depends on its size and value.
Tut03_Part02_Hint03_ToHangar=Ship Hangar
Observe the ship marker on your HUD to review the hangar where its currently stored.
Use the spaceport hangar elevators to reach the appropriate hangar.
Tut03_Part02_Hint04_BoardShip=Vehicle – Entry
Approach the ship and use Interaction Mode [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)] to lower the ramp.
Don’t forget to close the ramp behind you.
Tut03_Part02_Hint05_PilotSeat=Vehicle – Pilot’s Seat
Use Interaction Mode [~action(player_choice|pc_interaction_mode)] to sit in the Pilot’s Seat.
Tut03_Part02_Hint06_PowerOn=Basic Controls – Ship Flight
To set all the ship’s systems to flight-ready, press [~action(vehicle_general|v_flightready)].
Tut03_Part02_Hint07_RequestTakeOff=Air Traffic Control
To request permission to take off from a spaceport, you must contact Air Traffic Control (ATC) by pressing [~action(spaceship_movement|v_atc_request)].
Once given permission to leave by Air Traffic Control, they will open the hangar doors for you.
Tut03_Part02_Hint08_TakeOff=Ship Flight – Basic Movement
To ascend, hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_up)]. To descend, hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_down)].
To aim your ship, use [~action(player|rotatepitch)] and [~action(player|rotateyaw)]. To move your ship, use [~action(player|moveforward)] [~action(player|moveleft)] [~action(player|moveback)] [~action(player|moveright)].
Tut03_Part02_Hint10_RaiseLandingGear=Ship Flight – Landing Gear
To retract your landing gear, press [~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_landing_system)].
Flying with landing gear extended may impede your flying.
Tut03_Part02_Hint11_FlightSpeed=Ship Flight – Velocity
To adjust your maximum flight speed, use [~action(spaceship_movement|v_speed_range_rel)].
The Velocity Gauge is on the left side of your HUD. The square icon next to the gauge indicates the current maximum flight speed.
Tut03_Part02_Hint12_MaintainSpeed=Ship Flight – Cruise Control
To activate “Cruise Control” and maintain your current speed, press [~action(spaceship_movement|v_ifcs_toggle_cruise_control)].
To slow down and engage your brakes, press [~action(spaceship_movement|v_space_brake)].
Tut03_Part02_Hint13_Boost=Ship Flight – Afterburners
To engage your afterburners for a temporary boost in speed, hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_afterburner)].
Tut03_Part02_Hint14_F4=Camera POV – Third Person
While in a vehicle or on foot, you can cycle your camera POV to third person mode by pressing ~action(vehicle_general|v_view_cycle_fwd].
To freelook while in third person mode, hold [~action(spaceship_view|v_view_freelook_mode)].
Tut03_Part02_Hint14_MouseLook=Basic Controls – Free Look
Depending on the hangar, the doors can be above or ahead. To look around while seated, hold [~action(spaceship_view|v_view_freelook_mode)].
Wait for the hangar doors to fully open before proceeding.
Tut03_Part02_Journal01_ShipFlightBasics_Content=Every ship in Star Citizen flies a little differently, but the basic controls are the same regardless of your vessel.

Interaction Mode [~action(player|pc_interaction_mode)] allows you to interact with many of the ship’s controls, from opening and closing doors, to sitting in chairs or interacting with the displays in your cockpit.

Once you’re in the Pilot’s Seat, it’s time to get your ship online. To set all the ship’s systems to flight-ready, press [~action(vehicle_general|v_flightready)].

Advanced pilots may choose to power up systems individually. To see a full list of all controls, reference the Keybinding Tab in the Options menu [~action(default|ui_back)].

When you’re ready for takeoff, if you’re inside a hangar, request Air Traffic Control (ATC)open the doors by pressing [~action(spaceship_movement|v_atc_request)]. You’ll need to contact them again when you’re ready to land.

Piloting is another hurdle of its own. Here’s a summary of the basic flight controls.
Ascend: hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_up)]
• Descend: hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_down)
• Fly forward, left, backwards, or right: [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_forward)] [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_left)] [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_back)] [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_right)]
• Roll left or right: [~action(spaceship_movement|v_roll_left)] and [~action(spaceship_movement|v_roll_right)]
• Adjust maximum flight speed: [~action(spaceship_movement)|v_speed_range_rel)]
• Activate “Cruise Control” and maintain speed: [~action(spaceship_movement|v_ifcs_toggle_cruise_control)]
• Brake: [~action(spaceship_movement|v_space_brake)]
• Engage afterburners for temporary speed boost: hold [~action(spaceship_movement|v_afterburner)]
• Toggle landing gear: [~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_landing_system)]

Then there’s Quantum Travel – the most efficient way to travel greater distances, faster.

Enter Quantum Travel mode by pressing [~action(seat_general|v_toggle_quantum_mode)]. Next, calibrate your drive by aligning with your destination. When fully charged and calibrated, initiate travel by holding [~action(spaceship_quantum|v_toggle_qdrive_engagement)].

Quantum Travel will automatically end when you are in proximity to your destination. To exit Quantum Travel at any time before you arrive, press [~action(spaceship_quantum|v_toggle_qdrive_engagement)].

Don’t forget to take in the sights while flying you can also control your point of view by holding [~action(spaceship_view|v_view_freelook_mode)] to freelook and/or pressing ~action(vehicle_general|v_view_cycle_fwd] to cycle your point of view to third person mode.

If you’re interested in practicing flying or experiencing combat without risking your ship, Star Citizen features an arcade mode called ‘Arena Commander’ as option in game’s main menu.
Tut03_Part02_Journal01_ShipFlightBasics_Title=Tutorial – Ship Flight
Tut03_Part02_Obj01_ToASOP=Locate a Fleet Manager Terminal
Tut03_Part02_Obj01_ToASOP_HUD=Fleet Manager Terminal
Tut03_Part02_Obj01_ToASOP_Long=Locate a Fleet Manager terminal.
Tut03_Part02_Obj02_SpawnShip=Retrieve the Tutorial Ship
Tut03_Part02_Obj02_SpawnShip_long=Retrieve the “Pisces” tutorial ship from a Fleet Manager terminal.
Tut03_Part02_Obj03_ToHangar=Take Elevator to the Tutorial Ship’s Hangar
Tut03_Part02_Obj03_ToHangar_HUD=Hangar Elevators
Tut03_Part02_Obj03_ToHangar_Long=Take an elevator to the tutorial ship’s hangar.
Tut03_Part02_Obj04_BoardShip=Board the Tutorial Ship
Tut03_Part02_Obj04_BoardShip_Long=Board the tutorial ship.
Tut03_Part02_Obj05_PrepForTakeOff=Prepare for Takeoff
Tut03_Part02_Obj05_PrepForTakeOff_long=Prepare for takeoff.
Tut03_Part02_Obj06_ExitHangar=Pilot the Tutorial Ship out of the Hangar
Tut03_Part02_Obj06_ExitHangar_Long=Pilot the tutorial ship out of the hangar.
Tut03_Part02_Obj07_FollowTheMarkers=Follow the Checkpoints out of Area18
Tut03_Part02_Obj07_FollowTheMarkers_long=Follow the checkpoints out of Area18.
Tut03_Part03_Hint01_EnterQT=Ship Flight – Quantum Travel
To travel greater distances faster , enter Quantum Travel mode by pressing [~action(seat_general|v_toggle_quantum_mode)].
Next, calibrate your drive by aligning with your destination. When fully charged and calibrated, initiate travel by holding [~action(spaceship_quantum|v_toggle_qdrive_engagement)].
Tut03_Part03_Hint02_ExitQT=Ship Flight – Quantum Travel
Quantum Travel will automatically end when you are in proximity to your destination.
To exit Quantum Travel at any time before you arrive, press [~action(spaceship_quantum|v_toggle_qdrive_engagement)].
Tut03_Part03_Hint03_RequestLanding=Air Traffic Control
Once you are near the station, request permission to land by pressing [~action(spaceship_movement|v_atc_request)].
Tut03_Part03_Hint04_ApproachBaijini=Ship Flight – Landing
A marker indicates your assigned landing bay. Approach carefully to avoid crashing.
To decrease your maximum velocity as you draw near, use [~action(spaceship_movement|v_speed_range_rel)].
Tut03_Part03_Hint05_LowerLandingGear=Ship Flight – Landing
To lower your landing gear, press [~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_landing_system)].
Tut03_Part03_Hint06_Landing=Ship Flight – Landing
To land, approach the marker and gently lower yourself using [~action(spaceship_movement|v_strafe_down)].
When you are near the landing pad you may also auto-land by holding [~action(spaceship_movement|v_toggle_landing_system)].
Tut03_Part03_Hint07_ExitSeat=Ship Flight – Landing
Congratulations on touching down safely.
To exit the pilot’s seat, hold [~action(seat_general|v_exit)].
Tut03_Part03_Hint08_TakeElevator=Baijini Point
Take the elevator to access the station lobby.
Tut03_Part03_Hint09_UseASOP=Fleet Manager Terminals
Use any of the terminals to “Store” the Tutorial Ship and complete the Tutorial.
Once completed, you will be able to access your owned ships from any Fleet Manager Terminal.
You have completed the Star Citizen Tutorial and are ready to explore the ‘Verse.
For additional guidance, check your journal, the online knowledge base, or ask the community.

You’ve completed the Star Citizen Tutorial and are ready to explore the universe!

Now it’s up to you decide what your life in space will be like. The Contract Manager on your mobiGlas contains many different opportunities for you to pursue from simple delivery missions to dangerous criminal jobs. Work hard and you can build your reputation with different organizations to gain access to more rewarding contracts. Whether you choose to live a life of crime or hunt down bounties and enforce the law, it is up to you.

However, if you’d rather forge your own path, feel free to use the StarMap in the mobiGlas and explore all the Stanton system has to offer. From the snowy wastelands of microTech to the floating city of Orison, there is still much for you to learn and discover. If you ever need further assistance, you can seek the guidance of experienced players through the Guide system on Spectrum (on the Roberts Space Industries website), read the helpful posts in the online Knowledge Base, or ask for a helping hand in chat. Your journal is also a valuable resource, containing entries that summarize and elaborate on everything covered in the tutorial.

But once you venture beyond the major cities and space stations, take care. Outside of these protected armistice zones you will encounter many dangers in the search for profit.

Wherever your next steps take you, safe flying!
Tut03_Part03_Journal01_TraversingtheVerse_Title=Tutorial – Traversing the ‘Verse
Tut03_Part03_Journal01_UsingYourMobiGlas_Content=Your mobiGlas personal computer features a variety of functions and apps essential to life in the ‘verse.

To open your mobiGlas press [~action(player|mobiglas)]. This will open the Home screen with a list of app icons displayed along the bottom.


Home [~action(player|mobiglas)] – Displays information about your personal status including your health and how many credits you have to your name.

Commlink – Shows chat channels, friends, and pending invites to the party system. Create a party, invite other players, or send friend requests here. You can also activate or deactivate proximity-based voice chat from this app. Quickly show or hide global chat by pressing [~action(default|toggle_chat)].

Vehicle Loadout Manager – Customized the loadout, including components or paints, for any vehicle you own that are stored at your current local location. Components you wish to use must be in your local inventory.

NikNax – Locate any assets you have stored across the ‘verse. Selecting an asset will provide added details.

Skyline [~action(vehicle_general|v_starmap)] – Access the StarMap set Quantum Travel routes by selecting a location and pressing the “Set As Destination” button.

mo.Trader – Send aUEC to any player. Party members will be pinned to the top of the selection list.

Contracts Manager [~action(default|toggle_contact)] – View, accept, and manage contracts. The Contracts Manager is divided into the following tabs: General, Personal, Accepted, and History.
• The General Tab displays local contracts certified to meet UEE and local law requirements.
• The Personal Tab displays contracts sent specifically to your account, often from unknown sources that may violate local laws.
• Once you accept an offer, contracts are moved to the Accepted Tab, and once a contract ends, either through successful completion or by other means, a record of it is kept in the History Tab.

Vehicle Maintenance Services – Repair, restock, and refuel your vehicles.

Journal – A record of useful information and documents, including tutorial information.

Delphi – Track your reputation with individual organizations or contacts.
Tut03_Part03_Journal01_UsingYourMobiGlas_Title=Tutorial – Using Your mobiGlas
Tut03_Part03_Obj01_ToBaijini=Use Quantum Travel to Reach Baijini Point
Tut03_Part03_Obj01_ToBaijini_Long=Use quantum travel to reach the Baijini Point space station over ArcCorp.
Tut03_Part03_Obj02_LandAtBaijini=Land at Baijini Point
Tut03_Part03_Obj02_LandAtBaijini_Long=Land at Baijini Point.
Tut03_Part03_Obj03_StoreShip=Store the Tutorial Ship at Baijini Point
Tut03_Part03_Obj03_StoreShip_HUD=Elevator Controls
Tut03_Part03_Obj03_StoreShip_Long=Store the tutorial ship at Baijini Point via a Fleet Manager terminal.
Tutorial01_MissionDesc=Congratulations on taking your first steps into the universe!

Over the course of this tutorial, you’ll learn how to get around both on foot and in space.

First up is helping you familiarize yourself with some basic movement controls and the use of your mobiGlas while still inside your “Hab” (or habitation). Follow the objectives and hints on your HUD (heads-up display) to proceed through this mission.
Tutorial01_MissionTitle=Tutorial – Your First Steps
Tutorial02_MissionDesc=Well done!

With the first part behind you, you should now have some basic familiarity with the movement controls, managing your hunger and thirst, and some of the core functionality of your mobiGlas – namely the Contract Manager and your Journal.

This next section will help you familiarize yourself with Area18 and take you to visit Cubby Blast, a weapons store here in Area18.

You can shop there, and at other stores like it, using United Earth Credits (UEC). During the Alpha phase of Star Citizen’s development, we will be using a currency called aUEC (Alpha United Earth Credits). This is a temporary currency specifically designed for testing the in-game economy and balance.
Tutorial02_MissionTitle=Tutorial – Your First Purchase
Tutorial03_MissionDesc=You’re almost through with the tutorial. All that remains is to take flight!

With your business in Area18 finished, it’s time to leave the city – and eventually the planet. Make your way through ArcCorp Plaza to the Cityflight transit shuttles. These shuttles can take you all around Area18 – but your destination is the spaceport, where an Anvil C8 Pisces has been temporarily provided for you.

This snub scouting ship is a great starter vessel, perfect for new pilots looking to get their wings.
Tutorial03_MissionTitle=Tutorial – Your First Flight

Contractors Left Area

basesweep_failreason_LeftArea=Contractors Left Area

Cockpit Initiating

sys.audit (07234SD784K28A): ux loaded dat=050544T
INIT: Augmented Cockpit Display (ACD) Boot Sequence
Version 3.19 /.Sat.04.2951./ See Spectrum For Latest Patch Notes
Welcome to Augmented Cockpit Display. Thank You.

Starting d.env: ACC1940
Loading default profile view (UEE-STND)
Setting host.vhcl.param rchk-shp-ckpit-display [res = 4456.9, 19245, 193999]

drawdistance = max; ccrec = on; smoothoprtr = cst2cst/lax2ord;
/ RST.MTRX [0,02.9,12,19] / 6578.13451 dtr
/ VRT.MTRX [9,02.9,52,29] / 334600.145111 dtr
/ XTS.MTRX [0,0,0,0,0] / 0.0 dtr
/ ceID_clear…


SUP 9XA not available

updating cachebuffer…

/ RST.MTRX [0,02.9,12,19] / 6578.13451 dtr
/ VRT.MTRX [9,02.9,52,29] / 334600.145111 dtr
/ XTS.MTRX [0,0,0,0,0] / 0.0 dtr
/ ceID_clear [PASS] / 135952.156003 dtr
/ sdf_see [0,14,67,10.9,3] / 5962423.159697 dtr
/ preDC_mod = allride_API architecture entity established
Instruct Mngmt rhss-prep.custom.awq
Local host configuration agdi=32561ASG124A2 setup display root… enable
Vis.Check Complete.

Reading shadow buffer
Int: aligned
Int3: aligned
All Pass
Dispbox Continuing…

Setting up X94 render image…

Flattening 4.flos 403-50ce20-1945-2d999 (024:405:11010) rp_filter = 0
[85462446] **./ DO NOT ALTER
| trq = 4, base_xth = 115200, 0c60.0cf8 |c|
| sers: i89013 WBW port enabled ||
| lrt = 4, base_xth = 3210400, 0c50.0cf8 |c|
| 00L0 at PBO, sharing enabled |
Cloned process to rec32 filemanager
Accessing advanced MCPAIS (far/dir)

Initialization finished… Build Time [0031:98]

Deploying ACD

Have A Safe Flight

Flight HUD

flightHUD_Label_Aft=[PH] AFT
flightHUD_Label_CLEAR=[PH] CLEAR
flightHUD_Label_ENG=[PH] ENG
flightHUD_Label_G=[PH] G
flightHUD_Label_SHD=[PH] SHD
flightHUD_Label_V=[PH] V
flightHUD_Label_Vel=[PH] VEL
flightHUD_Label_WPN=[PH] WPN

Front End

frontend_LearnToPlay=Find a Guide
frontend_OpenExternalLinkDescription=This will open a link in your default browser where you can find experienced Star Citizen players to help you master the basics.
frontend_OpenExternalLinkDescriptionShort=This link will open in your default browser window.
frontend_OpenExternalLinkTitle=Open Link?
frontend_OpenLink=Open Link
frontend_PlayTutorial=Play the Tutorial
frontend_PlayTutorialDescription=Before starting your adventure in Star Citizen, learn the basics of playing the game.

Playing through the Tutorial will automatically set your Primary Residence to Area18. You will also be unable to access your purchased ships until you have completed the Tutorial.

Estimated Duration: 30 Minutes.
frontend_PlayTutorialTitle=Play the Tutorial?


hud_flt=[PH] FLT
hud_qcm=[PH] QCM
hud_std=[PH] STD
hud_symbol_greaterthan=[PH] >


input_unbound_short=[PH] Unbound

Interaction Condition

interaction_condition_equipArmor_noUndersuit_flightsuit=Flightsuit Required
interaction_condition_seatedItemRestrictions_weaponsBack_shoulder=Remove Large Weapon
interaction_condition_seatedItemRestrictions_weaponsBack_stocked=Remove Stocked Weapon

Item Port

itemPort_CanisterSlot=Multi-Tool Attachment Canister
itemPort_port_NameWeaponBottom=Weapon – Bottom
itemPort_port_NameWeaponBottomLeft=Weapon – Bottom Left
itemPort_port_NameWeaponBottomRight=Weapon – Bottom Right
itemPort_port_NameWeaponTopLeft=Weapon – Top Left
itemPort_port_NameWeaponTopRight=Weapon – Top Right

Item Description

item_DescBOMB_S05_FSKI_Stormburst=Manufacturer: FireStorm Kinetics
Item Type: Explosive Bomb
Size: 5

Wreak havoc on ground forces from the skies above, with the Stormburst. Designed by FireStorm Kinetics to maximize destructive impact at a more moderate size, these S5 bombs feature a mixed composite ordnance to decimate armored targets. The Stormburst also utilizes FireStorm Kinetics’ patented Atmo-Xact fins to ensure the payload reaches its target.
item_DescCaterpillar_Paint_Showdown=[WIP] Caterpillar Showdown
item_DescCutlass_Paint_Showdown=[WIP] Cutlass Showdown
item_DescFlair_Model_Carrack_b=This highly detailed model celebrates the Carrack being named Best in Show at the 2952 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. Takuetsu worked with Anvil Aerospace to get the dimensions and details precisely right so this beloved exploration ship could find a home on shelves across the empire.
item_DescFlair_banu_tholo_1_a=A small three-sided token representative of Cassa, the Banu patron of luck. Spinning the tholo reveals an answer meant to help guide the user during decision-making. This particular tholo has been translated into common.
item_DescFlair_banu_tholo_1_b=A small three-sided token representative of Cassa, the Banu patron of luck. Spinning the tholo reveals an answer meant to help guide the user during decision-making.
item_DescFlair_dice_1_chance_a=This six-sided die houses a rotating sphere covered in blue and red lights. When rolled, one of the two colors will display on the upper face of the die, helping the user to make binary decisions.
item_DescRRS_smoke_grenade_01=Manufacturer: Roussimoff Rehabilitation Systems (RRS)
Item Type: Grenade

Area of Effect: 15 m
Damage Type: None
Duration: 3s

The Haze smoke grenade is a perennial bestseller in RRS’s line of non-lethal armaments. The device is designed to hinder enemy sight and sound by spreading smoke over a large area that will gradually dissipate over a few seconds.
item_DescVulture_Paint_Carnival=A working salvage crew needs any advantage they can get to be noticed in a busy environment. Enter the Carnival livery, a stunning pink hull with black highlights and distinctive stripes running down the ship’s arms.
item_DescVulture_Paint_Pyrite=Vulture operators who choose the Pyrite livery never have to apologize for sporting a little style. A stealthy matte black and silver hull contrasts sharply with silver and yellow topped arms.
item_Desc_alb_gloves_01_01_01=[PH] PH – alb_gloves_01
item_Desc_alb_jumpsuit_01_01_01=[PH] PH – alb_jumpsuit_01
item_Desc_alb_shirt_04_01_01=[PH] PH – alb_shirt_04
item_Desc_cbd_hat_03_fleetweek2023_11=A classic grey cadet hat commemorating Invictus Launch Week and featuring the silhouette of a ship across the front.
item_Desc_cbd_hat_03_fleetweek2023_17=A classic blue cadet hat commemorating Invictus Launch Week and featuring the silhouette of a ship across the front.
item_Desc_cds_combat_light_backpack_02_01_01=Item Type: Light Backpack
Carrying Capacity: 40K µSCU
Core Compatibility: All

Be ready for any situation with the CSP-68L Backpack. Originally designed for the rigors of combat support, this light backpack has become popular thanks to its durability and patented core connector that helps the CSP-68L sit comfortably and balanced on the back. The Cayman edition features a vibrant metallic green finish with geometric patterns for a color that changes slightly based on lighting conditions.
item_Desc_cds_combat_light_backpack_02_02_01=Item Type: Light Backpack
Carrying Capacity: 40K µSCU
Core Compatibility: All

Be ready for any situation with the CSP-68L Backpack. Originally designed for the rigors of combat support, this light backpack has become popular thanks to its durability and patented core connector that helps the CSP-68L sit comfortably and balanced on the back. The Forest Camo edition features a special digital green camo pattern with silver highlights.
item_Desc_cds_combat_light_backpack_02_03_01=Item Type: Light Backpack
Carrying Capacity: 40K µSCU
Core Compatibility: All

Be ready for any situation with the CSP-68L Backpack. Originally designed for the rigors of combat support, this light backpack has become popular thanks to its durability and patented core connector that helps the CSP-68L sit comfortably and balanced on the back. The Night Camo edition features a special textured finish and mixes black camo and silver for a subtle yet striking look.
item_Desc_clda_undersuit_01_01_01=[PH] PH – clda_undersuit_01_01_01
item_Desc_clda_undersuit_02_01_01=[PH] PH – clda_undersuit_02_01_01
item_Desc_dmc_jacket_12_01_01=[PH] PH – dmc_jacket_12
item_Desc_dmc_pants_08_01_01=[PH] PH – dmc_pants_08
item_Desc_drn_business_jacket_01_01_01=Carrying Capacity: 1K µSCU

Be formal and fashionable with the Saskia jacket. This hybrid jacket and collared shirt features dynamic geometric patterns, including diagonal lines that swoop across the front and back.
item_Desc_drn_business_pants_01_01_01=Carrying Capacity: 0.5K µSCU

Derion has done it again. The Emilion pants deliver a simple silhouette that reveals strikingly stylish details upon closer inspection. Made from a subtly textured stain-resistant fabric, the pants feature micropleats on the front and back that converge into a single decorative seam at the knees before splitting off again near the ankles, giving the Emilion pants an artful geometric design down the length of the leg.
item_Desc_drn_business_shoes_01_01_01=The Lorber shoes feature classic style with modern flourishes. Constructed with dark brown synthetic leather, the shoes also feature a light brown toe box with gold colored metallic accents to catch the eye, a magnetic closure that ensures a snug fit, and a soft faux-sheepskin footbed for supreme comfort.
item_Desc_drn_jacket_10_01_01=Carrying Capacity: 1k µSCU

The Rokmor is a stylish suit jacket ideal for the executive with an eye for quality. Not only is it wrinkle-resistant and able to retain its shape well, but the angular design of both the shoulder pads and the lapels strengthen the wearer’s silhouette for a strong aesthetic sure to impress any boardroom.
item_Desc_drn_pants_10_01_01=Carrying Capacity: 500 µSCU

The Furtimo pants are sleek, elegant, and under-stated, suitable to both a busy day at the office or a fancy night out. Soft beyond the measure, these pants will make you feel as good as you look.
item_Desc_drn_shoes_10_01_01=For their simplicity, the Torga shoes are as timeless as they are comfortable. The synthetic leather used in their construction is wear-resistant and sure to keep shining even with only the occasional polish. The line that separates the vamp of the shoe from the rest of the toe draws the eye making this otherwise understated design stand out.
item_Desc_eld_shirt_04_fleetweek2023_11=Celebrate Invictus Launch Week 2953 with this grey t-shirt made from a comfortable cotton blend and featuring the silhouette of a ship across the front.
item_Desc_eld_shirt_04_fleetweek2023_17=Celebrate Invictus Launch Week 2953 with this blue t-shirt made from a comfortable cotton blend and featuring the silhouette of a ship across the front.
item_Desc_gsb_boots_07_01_01=[PH] PH – gsb_boots_07_01_01
item_Desc_gsb_frontier_boots_01_01_01=Made with hardy and adaptable materials, the Corsti boots are suitable for any conditions, whether you’re taking a day-long hike on a well-worn road or exploring a strange landscape on an untamed world.
item_Desc_gsb_shoes_03_01_01=[PH] PH – gsb_shoes_03
item_Desc_gsb_shoes_04_01_01=[PH] PH – gsb_shoes_04
item_Desc_hdh_hat_03_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_hat_03_01_01
item_Desc_hdh_hat_04_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_hat_04
item_Desc_hdh_jacket_05_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_jacket_05_01_01
item_Desc_hdh_jacket_08_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_jacket_08_01_01
item_Desc_hdh_jacket_09_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_jacket_09_01_01
item_Desc_hdh_pants_01_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_pants_01_01_01
item_Desc_hdh_pants_04_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_pants_04_01_01
item_Desc_hdh_shirt_02_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_shirt_02_01_01
item_Desc_spv_bioticorp_rep_jacket_01_01_01=[PH] Placeholder – SPV Jacket Desc
item_Descmug_big_bennys_1_a=Grab Drink!

This playful Big Benny’s mug features the brand’s iconic mascot. Its unique dual layer design features a chip and fade proof ceramic that feels comfortable in the hand with special plastic coating on the lip and handle to ensure it’s never too hot to touch.
item_Descmug_star_kitten_1_a=The cuteness can’t be contained but hot beverages can be with this Star Kitten mug. Personally designed by the character’s legendary creator Genady Kuzo, it features an extra large handle that makes it easy to hold and is constructed with an ultra-durable ceramic so its adorableness won’t chip or fade away.

item_Descvolt_lmg_energy_01=[PH] Manufacturer: Verified Offworld Laser Technologies
Item Type: LMG
Class: Energy (Electron)

Battery Size: TBD
Rate of Fire: 200 rpm – 600 rpm
Effective Range: 50m

Attachments: Optics (S2), Underbarrel (S3)

VOLT’s Fresnel is a cheap and effective automatic weapon designed to pack a punch at an exceedingly affordable price. Gradually building up in speed and power as it fires, the manufacturer recommends owners remain vigilant when using the weapon as it is prone to overheating.

Verified Offworld Laser Technologies

item_Descvolt_lmg_energy_01_mag=[PH] Placeholder
item_Descvolt_shotgun_energy_01=Manufacturer: Verified Offworld Laser Technologies
Item Type: Shotgun
Class: Energy (Laser)

Battery Size: 10
Rate of Fire: 120 rpm
Effective Range: 10m

Attachments: Barrel (S3), Optics (S1), Underbarrel (S2)

Listening to consumer feedback, Verified Offworld Laser Technologies has introduced an improved charged fire mode to the Prism energy shotgun to decrease the frequent overheating previous models may have experienced.
item_Descvolt_shotgun_energy_01_mag=[PH] Placeholder

Mining Laser

item_Mining_MiningLaser_Shubin_1_S1_Desc=Manufacturer: Shubin Interstellar
Item Type: Mining Laser
Size: 1

Optimal Range: 45m
Maximum Range: 135m

Mining Laser Power: 210 – 2100
Extraction Laser Power: 1295

Module Slots: 1

Resistance: -30%
Optimal Charge Window Rate: +20%
Inert Materials: -30%

Laser Instability: +10%

The Hofstede-S1 was designed with a patented crystal lattice structure that dampens a deposit’s natural resistance while mining and gathers less inert materials when extracting. Most effective at short and medium range, an accompanying increase in instability means the laser should be managed carefully.
item_Mining_MiningLaser_Shubin_1_S2_Desc=Manufacturer: Shubin Interstellar
Item Type: Mining Laser
Size: 2

Optimal Range: 60m
Maximum Range: 180m

Mining Laser Power: 336 – 3360
Extraction Laser Power: 1295

Module Slots: 2

Resistance: -30%
Optimal Charge Window Rate: +20%
Inert Materials: -40%

Laser Instability: +10%

The Hofstede-S2 was designed with a patented crystal lattice structure that dampens a deposit’s natural resistance while mining and gathers less inert materials when extracting. Most effective at short and medium range, an accompanying increase in instability means the laser should be managed carefully.
item_Mining_MiningLaser_Thermyte_2_S1_Desc=Manufacturer: Thermyte Concern
Item Type: Mining Laser
Size: 1

Optimal Range: 15m
Maximum Range: 45m

Mining Laser Power: 1575 – 3150
Extraction Laser Power: 1850

Module Slots: 2

Resistance: -30%
Inert Materials: -30%

Optimal Charge Window Size: -40%

To some, the effective use of the Helix I has become a sign of a true mining professional. Thermyte Concern gave the laser impressive power that can bypass a deposit’s resistance but also requires precision handling to hit the optimal charge window. Best deployed at close range, Helix I features two module slots so miners can tailor the laser to their liking.
item_Mining_MiningLaser_Thermyte_2_S2_Desc=Manufacturer: Thermyte Concern
Item Type: Mining Laser
Size: 2

Optimal Range: 30m
Maximum Range: 90m

Mining Laser Power: 2040 – 4080
Extraction Laser Power: 2590

Module Slots: 3

Resistance: -30%
Inert Materials: -30%

Optimal Charge Window Size: -40%

To some, the effective use of the Helix II has become a sign of a true mining professional. Thermyte Concern gave the laser impressive power that can bypass a deposit’s resistance but also requires precision handling to hit the optimal charge window. Best deployed at close range, Helix II features three module slots so miners can tailor the laser to their liking.


item_NameAurora_pirate=Aurora Dread Pirate Livery

Item Name

item_NameBOMB_S05_FSKI_Stormburst=Stormburst Bomb
item_NameCaterpillar_Paint_Showdown=[WIP] Caterpillar Showdown
item_NameCutlass_Paint_Showdown=[WIP] Cutlass Showdown
item_NameFlair_Model_Carrack_b=Carrack Model “2952 Best in Show”
item_NameFlair_banu_tholo_1_a=Tholo (Translated)
item_NameFlair_dice_1_chance_a=Chance Cube
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_01=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 01
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_02=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 02
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_03=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 03
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_04=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 04
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_05=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 05
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_06=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 06
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_07=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 07
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_08=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 08
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_09=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 09
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_10=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 10
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_11=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 11
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_12=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 12
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_13=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 13
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_14=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 14
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_15=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 15
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_16=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 16
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_17=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 17
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_18=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 18
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_19=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 19
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_20=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 20
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_21=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 21
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_22=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 22
item_NamePaint_TEMP_Fleet_Week_23=TEMP Fleet Week Paint 23

item_NameRRS_smoke_grenade_01=Haze Smoke Grenade
item_NameVulture_Paint_Carnival=Vulture Carnival Livery
item_NameVulture_Paint_Pyrite=Vulture Pyrite Livery

item_Name_GRIN_utility_medium_arms_01_shb01_01=[PH] Aril Arms (Shubin Industires Variant)
item_Name_GRIN_utility_medium_backpack_01_shb01_01=[PH] Aril Backpack (Shubin Industries Variant)
item_Name_GRIN_utility_medium_core_01_shb01_01=[PH] Aril Core (Shubin Industires Variant)
item_Name_GRIN_utility_medium_legs_01_shb01_01=[PH] Aril Legs (Shubin Industries Variant)

item_Name_alb_gloves_01_01_01=[PH] PH – alb_gloves_01
item_Name_alb_jumpsuit_01_01_01=[PH] PH – alb_jumpsuit_01
item_Name_alb_shirt_04_01_01=[PH] PH – alb_shirt_04
item_Name_cbd_hat_03_fleetweek2023_11=Invictus Flyby Hat Grey
item_Name_cbd_hat_03_fleetweek2023_17=Invictus Flyby Hat Blue
item_Name_cds_combat_light_backpack_02_01_01=CSP-68L Backpack Cayman
item_Name_cds_combat_light_backpack_02_02_01=CSP-68L Backpack Forest Camo
item_Name_cds_combat_light_backpack_02_03_01=CSP-68L Backpack Night Camo
item_Name_clda_undersuit_01_01_01=[PH] PH – clda_undersuit_01_01_01
item_Name_clda_undersuit_02_01_01=[PH] PH – clda_undersuit_02_01_01
item_Name_dmc_jacket_12_01_01=[PH] PH – dmc_jacket_12
item_Name_dmc_pants_08_01_01=[PH] PH – dmc_pants_08
item_Name_drn_business_jacket_01_01_01=Saskia Jacket
item_Name_drn_business_pants_01_01_01=Emilion Pants
item_Name_drn_business_shoes_01_01_01=Lorber Shoes
item_Name_drn_jacket_10_01_01=Rokmor Suit Jacket
item_Name_drn_pants_10_01_01=Furtimo Pants
item_Name_drn_shoes_10_01_01=Torga Shoes
item_Name_eld_shirt_04_fleetweek2023_11=Invictus 2953 T-Shirt Grey
item_Name_eld_shirt_04_fleetweek2023_17=Invictus 2953 T-Shirt Blue
item_Name_gsb_boots_07_01_01=[PH] PH – gsb_boots_07_01_01
item_Name_gsb_frontier_boots_01_01_01=Corsti Boots
item_Name_gsb_shoes_03_01_01=[PH] PH – gsb_shoes_03
item_Name_gsb_shoes_04_01_01=[PH] PH – gsb_shoes_04
item_Name_hdh_hat_03_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_hat_03_01_01
item_Name_hdh_hat_04_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_hat_04
item_Name_hdh_jacket_05_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_jacket_05_01_01
item_Name_hdh_jacket_08_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_jacket_08_01_01
item_Name_hdh_jacket_09_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_jacket_09_01_01
item_Name_hdh_pants_02_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_pants_02_01_01
item_Name_hdh_pants_04_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_pants_04_01_01
item_Name_hdh_shirt_02_01_01=[PH] PH – hdh_shirt_02_01_01
item_Namemug_big_bennys_1_a=Big Benny’s Mug
item_Namemug_star_kitten_1_a=Star Kitten Mug
item_Namevolt_lmg_energy_01=Fresnel LMG
item_Namevolt_lmg_energy_01_mag=[PH] Placeholder
item_Namevolt_lmg_energy_01_short=Fresnel LMG
item_Namevolt_pistol_energy_01=[PH] Pulse Pistol
item_Namevolt_pistol_energy_01_short=[PH] Pulse Pistol
item_Namevolt_shotgun_energy_01=Prism Shotgun
item_Namevolt_shotgun_energy_01_mag=[PH] Placeholder
item_Namevolt_shotgun_energy_01_short=Prism Shotgun
item_Namevolt_smg_energy_01=Quartz SMG
item_Namevolt_smg_energy_01_short=[PH] Quartz SMG
item_Namevolt_sniper_energy_01=[PH] Zenith Sniper
item_Namevolt_sniper_energy_01_short=[PH] Zenith Sniper

item_nameaurora_bigbenny=Big Benny
item_nameaurora_crashtest=Crash Test
item_nameaurora_pirate=Dread Pirate
item_nameaurora_pitchfork=Operation Pitchfork
item_nameaurora_signature=Low Signature
item_nameaurora_starkitten=Star Kitten
item_nameaurora_sxsw15=SXSW 2015
item_nameaurora_uee=UEE Distinguished Service



items_commodities_janalite_desc=This rare mineral is valued as an industrial anti-matter precursor. While more stable than other precursors like Feynmaline, it’s tougher structure and energy resistance makes it much more difficult to utilize as well as collect.
items_commodities_janalite_raw=Janalite (Raw)
items_commodities_janalite_raw_desc=This rare mineral is valued as an industrial anti-matter precursor. While more stable than other precursors like Feynmaline, it’s tougher structure and energy resistance makes it much more difficult to utilize as well as collect.

Kareah Datapad

kareah_datapad_CodeNullified=[Code Expired]

mgClovus Salvage

mgClovus_opensalvage_desc_001=Fortune has shined upon us once again. I’ve just learned of a battle that’s just transpired far from the prying eyes of any meddlesome comm arrays, and reinforcements from either of the forces involved have yet to be dispatched. This means that there is a window of opportunity for an enterprising soul to pick the graveyard clean.

I’d like to extend this opportunity to all my trusted contacts. Any and all interested parties can have the location… for the right price. Coordinates will be provided once you accept the contract and will remain available until you choose to terminate it.

Of course, speed will be of the essence as you will not only face potential competition from other salvagers, but also the looming possibility of reinforcements arriving to survey the battlefield.

If you’re still hesitating, just remember, fortune favors the bold.

mgClovus_opensalvage_obj_00_long=Travel to the battlefield.
mgClovus_opensalvage_obj_00_short=Travel to the Battlefield
mgClovus_opensalvage_obj_01_long=Salvage the battlefield.
mgClovus_opensalvage_obj_01_marker=Salvage Area
mgClovus_opensalvage_obj_01_short=Salvage the Battlefield
mgClovus_opensalvage_title_001=In the Wake of Disaster

mobiGlas UI



pause_OptionsControlHints=Control Hints
pause_Options_tractor_beam_rotation_mode=[PH] Tractor Beam – when rotating use rotated object space instead of player space
pause_options_head_tracking_tobii_gaze_bomb_desired_impact_point=Head Tracking – Tobii – Gaze Based Desired Impact Point
pause_options_head_tracking_tobii_gaze_missile_lock=Head Tracking – Tobii – Gaze Based Missile Lock
pause_options_headtracking_global_smoothing_position=Head Tracking – General – Global Smoothing – Position
pause_options_headtracking_global_smoothing_rotation=Head Tracking – General – Global Smoothing – Rotation

Respawn HUD

respawn_hud_sentBackToPrison=[PH] Tracked and arrested by security forces

Target HUD

target_hud_auto_targeting_on=AUTO TARGETING ENABLED
target_hud_auto_targeting_on_short=AUTO TRGT

Tutoria HUD

tutorial_from=How to Play Guide

Inventory UI

ui_Inventory_ContainerType_Drawer=Storage Drawer
ui_Inventory_ContainerType_DrawerClothing=Clothing Drawer
ui_Inventory_ContainerType_StorageLocker=Storage Locker

Mining UI

ui_Mining_MiningLaser_DifficultyForecast_Title=Difficulty Rating
ui_Mining_MiningLaser_LaserRange=Laser Range

Port Lock UI

ui_PortLockAll=[PH] Port lock All
ui_PortLockToggleAll=[PH] Port Lock Toggle All
ui_PortUnlockAll=[PH] Port Unlock All

Control hint UI

ui_controlhint_ADS_exit=Aim (exit)
ui_controlhint_ads_medgun=Settings (Aim)
ui_controlhint_customize_multiTool_empty=Tool Attach.
ui_controlhint_fire_drainbeam=Fire (Drain)
ui_controlhint_fire_repairbeam=Fire (Repair)
ui_controlhint_firemode_heal=Aim at Self
ui_controlhint_groundVehicle_engine_toggle=Engine (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_groundVehicle_mobiGlas_commlink_garage=CommLink (Reqeust Garage)
ui_controlhint_groundVehicle_power_toggle=Power (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_groundVehicle_seat_exit_exterior=Exit Vehicle
ui_controlhint_groundVehicle_seat_exit_interior=Exit Seat
ui_controlhint_ladder_dodge=Dodge (Lean)
ui_controlhint_ladder_exit=Let go (Fall)
ui_controlhint_ladder_jump=Jump (Push Off)
ui_controlhint_ladder_midpoint_exit=Exit (Step Off)
ui_controlhint_ladder_slide_down=Fast Climb / Slide
ui_controlhint_ladder_sprint=Fast Climb
ui_controlhint_lean_left=Lean Left (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_lean_right=Lean Right (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_medgun_setDosage=Set Dose
ui_controlhint_moboglas_open_map=mobiGlas (Map)
ui_controlhint_pc_personal_thought_holdingFoodOrDrink_wearingHelmet=PIT (helmet)
ui_controlhint_pen_medical_maskSymptoms_other=Inject Other
ui_controlhint_pen_medical_maskSymptoms_self=Mask Symptoms (Self)
ui_controlhint_pen_medical_overdoserevival_other=Inject Other
ui_controlhint_pen_medical_overdoserevival_self=Reduce B.D.L. (Self)
ui_controlhint_pen_medical_performanceEnhancing_other=Inject Other
ui_controlhint_pen_medical_performanceEnhancing_self=Buff (Self)
ui_controlhint_pen_medpen_healOther=Inject Other
ui_controlhint_pen_medpen_healSelf=Heal (Self)
ui_controlhint_pen_oxypen_other=Inject Other
ui_controlhint_pen_oxypen_self=Oxygenate (Self)
ui_controlhint_pen_sedative_other=Sedative (Inject Other)
ui_controlhint_personal_inventory_medpen=Inventory (MedPen)
ui_controlhint_pis_wheel_heldItem_defaultAction=Held Item: Interactions
ui_controlhint_pis_wheel_release_to_select=Release to Select
ui_controlhint_prone_exit=Prone (Exit)
ui_controlhint_puzzle_valve_turn=Turn Valve
ui_controlhint_qswheel_select_release_input_select=Release to Select
ui_controlhint_scan_charged=Charged Scan
ui_controlhint_ships_atc_request_docking=Request Docking
ui_controlhint_ships_atc_request_landing=Request Landing
ui_controlhint_ships_bombs_canceltImpactPoint=Remove Bomb Target
ui_controlhint_ships_bombs_cycle_fwd=Bomb Cycle (Fwd)
ui_controlhint_ships_bombs_drop=Drop Bomb
ui_controlhint_ships_bombs_hud_range=HUD Range +/-
ui_controlhint_ships_bombs_setImpactPoint=Bomb Target (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_cm_decoy_burst_increase_decrease=Decoy Burst +/-
ui_controlhint_ships_cm_decoy_launch=Decoy (CM)
ui_controlhint_ships_cm_decoy_noise_launch=Decoy/Noise (CM)
ui_controlhint_ships_cm_decoy_panic=Decoy Panic (CM)
ui_controlhint_ships_cm_noise_launch=Noise (CM)
ui_controlhint_ships_cruisecontrol_toggle=Cruise Ctrl. (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_decoupled_toggle=Decoupled (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_docking_camtoggle=Docking Cam. (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_docking_modetoggle=Dock. Mode (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_gforce_safety_toggle=G-Force Safety (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_gsafe-toggle=G-Safe (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_landing_mode_toggle=Landing Gear (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_locktarget_attacker_inview=Target Attacker (In View)
ui_controlhint_ships_locktarget_cycle_attackers_fwd=Target Attacker (Cycle)
ui_controlhint_ships_locktarget_cycle_hostiles_fwd=Target Hostile (Cycle)
ui_controlhint_ships_locktarget_cycle_inview=Target (In View)
ui_controlhint_ships_locktarget_hostile_inview=Target Hostile (In View)
ui_controlhint_ships_mining_change_laser_type_extract=Laser Type (Extract)
ui_controlhint_ships_mining_change_laser_type_fracture=Laser Type (Fracture)
ui_controlhint_ships_mining_consumable=Mining Module
ui_controlhint_ships_mining_fire=Fire (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_mining_mode_toggle=Mining Mode (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_mining_power_range=Laser Power
ui_controlhint_ships_missileMode_armedMissiles_increase=Arm More Missiles
ui_controlhint_ships_missileMode_armedMissiles_increase_decrease=Arm Missiles +/-
ui_controlhint_ships_missileMode_armedMissiles_reset=Reset Armed Count
ui_controlhint_ships_missileMode_cycle_fwd=Missile Cycle (Fwd)
ui_controlhint_ships_missileMode_launch=Launch Missile
ui_controlhint_ships_missileMode_toggle=Missile Mode (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_mobiGlas_commlink_docking=CommLink (Dock Req.)
ui_controlhint_ships_mobiGlas_commlink_landing=CommLink (Land Req.)
ui_controlhint_ships_power_toggle=Power (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_qtm_boost=Quantum Boost
ui_controlhint_ships_qtm_engage=QT Engage
ui_controlhint_ships_qtm_toggle=QT Mode (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_rotationlock-toggle=Rotation-Lock (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_rotationlock_toggle=Rotation Lock (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_salvage_beam_axis_toggle=Axis (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_salvage_beamtoggle=Beam (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_salvage_cyclemodifiers=Cycle Modifiers (L/R)
ui_controlhint_ships_salvage_gimbal=Gimbal (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_salvage_mode_toggle=Salvage Mode (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_scm_speedlimit=Max. Speed +/-
ui_controlhint_ships_seat_exit=Exit Seat
ui_controlhint_ships_seat_exit_ship=Exit Ship
ui_controlhint_ships_strafe_xy-plane=Move (Lateral)
ui_controlhint_ships_strafe_z=Move (Vertical)
ui_controlhint_ships_strafe_z_down=Strafe (Down)
ui_controlhint_ships_strafe_z_up=Strafe (Up)
ui_controlhint_ships_target_request_docking=Hail (Request Docking)
ui_controlhint_ships_thrusters_afterburners=Boost (Accel.)
ui_controlhint_ships_thrusters_toggle=Thrusters (Toggle)
ui_controlhint_ships_volatileCargo_jettison=Jettison Cargo
ui_controlhint_toggleOptionOn_ADS_exit=Aim (exit)
ui_controlhint_toggleOptionOn_ADS_toggleOn=Aim (toggle)
ui_controlhint_toggleOptionOn_InteractionMode_exit=Interaction Mode (exit)
ui_controlhint_toggleOptionOn_pushable_sprint_exit=Run (toggle)
ui_controlhint_toggleOptionOn_sprint_exit=Sprint (toggle)
ui_controlhint_turret_firemode_toggle=Fire Mode
ui_controlhint_turret_gyromode=Gyro Mode
ui_controlhint_turret_look_pis_powerOff=Interact (Power On)
ui_controlhint_turret_seat_exit_toexterior=Exit Vehicle
ui_controlhint_visor_dirty_wipe=Wipe Visor
ui_controlhint_weapon_customize_addHealing=Customize (Healing Attachment)

Mission UI

ui_mission_deadline=- Deadline:

Weapons UI

ui_weapons_multi_volume_error=Volume Limit Exceeded
ui_weapons_multi_volumemass_error=Volume & Mass Exceeded
ui_weapons_tractor_BeamForce=Beam Force
ui_weapons_tractor_BeamRange=Beam Range
ui_weapons_tractor_state_Invalid=Attaching Invalid
ui_weapons_tractor_state_Misaligned=Item Misaligned
ui_weapons_tractor_state_ToCargoGrid=Attaching to Cargo Grid
ui_weapons_tractor_state_Valid=Attaching Valid
ui_weapons_tractor_warning_InUse=Port Is Occupied
ui_weapons_tractor_warning_WrongSize=Size Mismatch

Vehicle Names

vehicle_NameANVL_Pisces_C8R=Anvil C8R Pisces Rescue
vehicle_NameDRAK_Cutlass_Black_DRAK_Cutlass_Steel=Drake Cutlass Steel
vehicle_NameRSI_Scorpius_Interdiction=RSI Scorpius Antares

Vehicle interactor

vehicle_interactor_Turret_Deploy=Deploy Turret
vehicle_interactor_Turret_Retract=Retract Turret
vehicle_interactor_WeaponRack_Deploy=Deploy Weapon Rack
vehicle_interactor_WeaponRack_Retract=Retract Weapon Rack

Patch News

Patch Watch


New ship & vehicle

Patch List


Wave 1

Wave 2



3.19.1 OPEN PTU


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