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This Week in Star Citizen 6/2022

Happy Monday, everyone!

XenoThreat has returned to Stanton, and everyone has already done a great job at driving them back to Pyro. The event will continue through this upcoming weekend, so be sure to gear up and grab your squad! The CDF is paying out quite a bit of aUEC for your assistance in repelling XenoThreat until the event ends on Monday, February 14. As a side-note, we have seen reports of some experience issues with accepting the mission and have confirmed this as a known issue. Our team is investigating and will report back soon.

This week also marks the beginning of Coramor celebrations in the ‘verse! Love is in the air as the people of the UEE celebrate Star Citizen’s equivalent of Valentine’s Day. Coramor kicks off on Thursday, February 10, so be on the look out for all the details, including some news from Consolidated Outland…

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

This Tuesday the Narrative team brings us an excerpt from “On the Path”, Imperator Erin Toi’s autobiography.

Wednesday we’ll publish last week’s Squadron 42 monthly report newsletter as a comm-link. We’ll also be publishing the Post Mortem for Alpha 3.16 on Wednesday as well.

On Thursday, we’ve got an all-sprint report edition of Inside Star Citizen as we take a look at what some of the Star Citizen development teams have been up to so far in 2022.

This Friday, the Planet Content Team is joining us for a Q&A on everything planets and moons on this week’s episode of Star Citizen Live, going live on our Twitch channel at 10am Pacific / 6pm UTC. We’ll close Friday out with a Subscriber Vault update as well as our weekly email newsletter.

Have a stellar week in and out of the ‘Verse! (Thanks Sitr)

Christian ‘Wayne’ Schmitt
Community Manager


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            Squadron 42 Monthly Report Comm-link 
            Alpha 3.16 Post Mortem 

            Inside Star Citizen   
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