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Star Citizen | Roadmap Roundup – February 16th, 2022

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Every two weeks, we accompany the Roadmap update with a brief explanatory note to give you insight into the decision-making that led to any changes. This is part of an effort to make our communications more transparent, more specific, and more insightful for all of you who help to make Star Citizen and Squadron 42 possible.

With that said, let’s go ahead and dive into this week’s Roadmap Roundup!

-CIG Community Team

Notable Changes for February 16th, 2022

Alongside the Roadmap update this week, we’ve put together a comprehensive companion guide to both Progress Tracker and Release View. This is an evergreen page that we’ll link on every Roadmap Roundup from now on as a reference, and will continue to add and improve it as needed. If there’s any roadmap-related features you’d like to see elaborated on in this guide, please let us know in the comments of this week’s Roundup Spectrum thread. Check out the guide here!

Release View

Salvage – Hull Stripping

As mentioned on this episode of Star Citizen Live, the initial release of Salvage will include hull stripping and repair by hand using FPS tools, as well as hull stripping using the upcoming Drake Vulture. For clarity, the Salvage T0 card’s name and description has been updated to reflect this.

The following deliverables have passed their final review for Alpha 3.17. Therefore we are updating these cards to Committed and changing their color to blue:

  • Mining Gadgets
  • Ship to Ship Refueling
  • Selling Items to Shops
  • Lorville Hospital: Maria Pure of Heart
  • Coffee Shop Vendor
  • DNA Head Textures Update

The following deliverable has been added to the Alpha 3.17 release window:

Space Station Clinics: Variations

Additional modules to add variety to existing space clinics, and additional layouts so that every space station in Stanton will have a unique layout.

Progress Tracker

With this week’s update, we’re updating the remainder of the downstream teams to Q1 2022, as well as updating upstream’s schedule through the rest of the year.

The following deliverables are being added to Progress Tracker:

Zone Handling

Implementing backend solutions to help designers easily define which zone an object should be spawned in, to be merged into all existing tools and workflows, with an initial focus on cinematic tools. This deliverable has been added to the Editor Team’s schedule.

Entity Properties Plugin

Improving entity property handling to easily adjust properties for multiple entities at the same time, decreasing iteration time for designers. This is a major upgrade to the old way of handling the entity properties, which was pretty limited and hard to extend. This deliverable has been added to the Editor Team’s schedule.

Distortion Propagation

Further work on this damage type to allow correct propagation into systems. This makes the location of impact much more important, as powered items closer to the impact will begin to suffer more severely. This will fulfil the original vision we had for the distortion weapons we already have in-game, and those we have planned for the future. This deliverable has been added to the Weapon Feature Team’s schedule.

Physics – Ropes Simulation

Extend the simulation algorithm of ropes to support ropes interacting with pulleys, and improve general stability to enable the development of new gameplay mechanics. This deliverable has been added to the Physics Team’s schedule.

Underground Facilities

Adding new underground facilities to the game. Traversable areas offering gameplay opportunities in corporate industrial environments. This deliverable has been added to the Location Concept Art Team’s schedule.

Satellites – Points of Interest

Populate the game universe with explorable satellite locations that serve as points of interest for players. This deliverable has been added to the Location Concept Art Team’s schedule.

Lorville Cityscape

Rework the Lorville skyline to better fit the scale of the city and its distinctive buildings. This deliverable has been added to the Location Concept Art Team’s schedule.

Room Depressurization

Creating the ability for players to increase or decrease the atmospheric pressure in a defined/closed room. This deliverable has been added to the EU PU Gameplay Feature Team’s schedule.

Cave Archetypes

Expanding the experience of traversing caves by creating more variety and developing new challenges. The setup of the caves will also make them more efficient for use in the creation of future caves. This deliverable has been added to the Planet Content Team’s schedule.

Tumbril Ranger

Building, implementing, and balancing Tumbril Landsystems’ two-wheeled bike, the Ranger, as a game-ready vehicle. This deliverable has been added to the US Vehicle Content and Vehicle Experience Teams’ schedules.

RSI Apollo

Building, implementing, and balancing RSI’s medical craft, the Apollo, as a game-ready vehicle. This deliverable has been added to the US Vehicle Content Team’s schedule.

That’s all for this week!


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