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This Week in Star Citizen 7/2022

Happy Monday, everyone.

Congratulations on stopping the XenoThreat invasion! You all did an excellent job of defending the Stanton system, recovering needed supplies for the UEE Navy, and blowing up the enemy capital-class ships. We know many of you are sad that the event is over, but rest assured that the next Dynamic Events are just around the corner!

Love is in the air now that XenoThreat is gone and Coramor has returned! We’ve kicked off the 2952 celebrations with the release of the brand-new Consolidated Outland HoverQuad, the perfect match to the rugged Nomad that lets you glide confidently across the plains of Stanton. If you’re looking for additional info on the new grav-lev vehicle, we recommend the HoverQuad Q&A with answers straight from the designers themselves. In addition, we’re hosting a contest that lets you try your hand at completing the famous phrase “…anything for Cora…amor…” for the chance to win a Coramor-themed ship of your own.

And as the Red Festival 2952 continues, you’re still able to gather the hidden red envelopes across the landing zones of Stanton until tomorrow. Don’t forget to turn them in for some extra aUEC!

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

This Tuesday, the Narrative team brings us Plain Truth: Civilian Defense Farce. This time, Parker Terrell digs into the issues around the CDF being deployed in Stanton.

Then, on Wednesday, you can look forward to an update to the Roadmap, alongside a Roadmap Roundup!

Thursday, we’re back with another episode of Inside Star Citizen. This week, we’ll look at the current progress of Planetary Navmesh and the DNA head textures update. We’ll also launch the next Star Citizen Free Fly, meaning the game will be free to download and play for a limited time. We all know that the Star Citizen community is among the most welcoming in all of gaming, so if you plan to support the newcomers, please share the link to our Welcome Hub or New Player Guide, and check out the Guide System. Also, don’t forget to share your referral code with your friends before they create an account as this will give you and the new players you refer the Lodestone armor and sniper rifle set from Quirinus Tech and Gemini for free!

On Friday, you’ll receive an update to the Subscriber Vault and the weekly RSI Newsletter delivered straight to your inbox. We’ve also got a new Star Citizen Live episode as well, which will broadcast on our Star Citizen Twitch channel. We’ll update this post with the guests and the start time later this week.

Have a great week and happy Valentine’s Day!


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