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Star Citizen | Orison Exteriors – Wip II

Star Citizen with Patch 3.14 will release Orison. Orison is a city located in the clouds of Crusader. It is built upon a military-constructed latticework of inhabitable floating platforms which Crusader Industries uses to manufacture their large-scale ships. The shipyards themselves are famously beautiful and have made Orison a prime tourist destination in the Stanton system. It offers a breathtaking view of Crusader’s commercial shipbuilding platforms. The platforms at Orison are equipped with large thrusters that fire periodically to maintain its orbital position.

Public transport between areas is conducted by Skyway Shuttle services.

Orison maintains its precise orbital height through controlled firing of the Seraph-class thrusters situated below each platform. Precisely timed to prevent shearing and destabilization of the connected network of struts, each thruster is activated for a short burst allowing Orison to stay firmly in place. Crusader locals often describe the gentle vibrations that accompany the periodic adjustments as “Orison’s free massage.”

Below we can see the WIP of the city in the clouds that will be released with Patch 3.14.0

For more photos check the Gallery


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