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Star Citizen | Consolidated Outlands HoverQuad

Designed as a companion ground vehicle for the Nomad, the HoverQuad’s sleek angular frame utilizes four gravlev pads for maximum maneuverability, making it the perfect transport across all kinds of surfaces.

Status: Fly-Ready
Role: Personal Transport
Career: Personal Transport
Ship size: 1
Crew Size: 1
Body: 750 hp
Nose: 750 hp
Total: 3500 hp
Dimensions: 1.32m x 1.45m x 5.15m
Mass: 1 249 Kg
Speed: 125 m/s
Afterburner speed: 600m/s
Pitch: 89 deg/s
Yaw: 89 deg/s
Roll: 141 deg/s
Hydrogen capacity: 16 000 L

1xS0 Radix

1xS0 Fridan

1xS1 Main thrusters
20xS1 Maneuver thrusters
2xS1 Retro thrusters


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