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Tobii x Star Citizen | Reno Air Races Special 15% discount!


From January 25th 2023 to February 9th 2023 the Tobii Eye Tracker 5 will be at a 15% discount price! Just use the links below!


Gaze-based target selection

Easily tag enemy ships by looking at them, allowing you to focus on the complete annihilation of your space foes and dominating dog fights.

Stunning immersion, unparalleled experiences unlocked with the Tobii Eye Tracker 5

Your natural head and eye movements direct the in-game camera that is no longer locked to only look forward like your player’s character. Extended View is just like mouse-look, without the mouse. Your spatial awareness is redefined. Landing or offloading in small hangar spaces will feel much easier to you, as Extended View gives you full visibility around your ship.

The difference between being a player and flying as a pilot, is you in your cockpit

Become one with your cockpit and ship. Your head position in real-life, translates to how you occupy the pilot seat and look around your cockpit. Lean forward, look up, look sideways. All that field of view is now yours to exploit. Six Degrees of Freedom is a game-changer for flying, you will remember your first time flying as a pilot, for a long time to come.

Space combat is won on spatial awareness and reaction time, the Tobii Eye Tracker 5 significantly increases the first and reduces the latter

Enjoy a serious performance boost in dog-fighting and ship-to-ship combat, enabling you to easily tag, track and annihilate any target in range. Dominate space combat with increased situational awareness and reduced reaction time and experience the win-ratio difference between a player and a pilot by tracking and following targets naturally with line-of-sight and head movement across a much wider field of vision.

To master ground combat, use your player’s instinct in the battleground

Peeking around corners, engaging targets from behind cover and having a full overview of the battleground has never been easier. When bullets start flying and everyone ducks for cover, you enter armed combat with a technological advantage. On foot exploration will feel immensely more immersive, as your natural head and eye movements translate into a more personal and real visual experience.


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