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Star Citizen | Roadmap Roundup – March 2, 2022

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Every two weeks, we accompany the Roadmap update with a brief explanatory note to give you insight into the decision-making that led to any changes. This is part of an effort to make our communications more transparent, more specific, and more insightful for all of you who help to make Star Citizen and Squadron 42 possible.

With that said, let’s go ahead and dive into this week’s Roadmap Roundup!

-CIG Community Team

Notable Changes for March 2, 2022

The Roadmap Companion Guide has been updated this week in the Upstream vs Downstream section, adding the Mission Feature Team to Upstream and the Persistent Tech and Network teams to Downstream.

Release View

The following card has been added to the Alpha 3.17 column:

Rivers – Core Tech

This tool allows rivers and basins to be further developed and readied for production use, in order to enhance the ecosystems of our planets. The first implementation of this in the persistent universe is microTech’s river.

Progress Tracker

The following deliverables have been added to the Progress Tracker:

Dynamic Mission System

The Dynamic Mission System will allow select mission types to be dynamically tailored to the current environment (and Quantum at a later date). These missions will be customizable and payment will accurately reflect the distance traveled and risk involved. This deliverable has been added to the Mission Feature Team’s schedule.


That’s all for this week!


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