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Star Citizen | Nyx Planet Painting – Wip II

Star Citizen showed the first images of Nyx due to be released with Pyro in 2022.

The Nyx system consists of three planets orbiting an yellow-white dwarf and two asteroid belts. Nyx I and Nyx II close to the star inside the green band and Nyx III is behind the asteroid belt Glaciem Ring far outside of the green band. The most distinct aspect of the Nyx system are the many jump points near the star.

Discovered in 2582, the Nyx System was left unclaimed by the UEE after deciding its three planets were not terraforming candidates and an attempt to mine the dense Glaciem Ring were deemed to dangerous. In 2618, a group of political activists and refugees, fleeing the Messer regime, moved into a vacated mining facility located in Delamar, a moon-sized asteroid deep within the system’s asteroid belt.

ARK Starmap

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