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Star Citizen | Fly The Final Four For Free!


Feel the speed, power, & versatility of this year’s community favorites, as you blast into Star Citizen for free. 

Every year, Ship Showdown challenges the community to champion their favorite vehicle. With more than 100 flyable ships in the ‘verse, there’s no shortage of passionate opinions! After thousands of creative submissions (screenshots, videos, Lego™ miniatures, original songs, 3D models, and more), and 2 rounds of epic head-to-head battles, we’ve finally entered the FINAL FOUR! 

As Phase 1 of the competition ended, and the dust settled… our sweet 16 emerged, moving on to Phase 2 of the competition in head-to-head bracket-style madness! 

In addition to moving on to the next phase of the competition, the final 4 ships selected by the community will be available for you to try during a week-long Free Fly event. After all, there’s no better way to decide which ship is champion material than to take to the skies and test-fly them for yourself. To keep your adventure going, we are offering discounted Starter Packs through September 29th. 

Hop into the ‘verse via the steps below and find out why the community dubbed these 4 ships the best of the best. And if you’re looking for a little extra help to get started, be sure to check out our New Player Guide, where you can learn the game and hone your skills in the cockpit and beyond!


In order to become a Citizen of the Verse first of all you need to create an account on the official Star Citizen website. If you register using the button below you will receive 5,000 UEC to use in-game after purchasing the first Pack.


Try Star Citizen for FREE from 16:00 UTC on September 20 until 20:00 UTC on September 27.

The code gives you access to Star Citizen Alpha 3.14 and the final 4 ships. You can also experience the dogfighting action of Arena Commander and the intense FPS action of Star Marine for the duration of the Free Fly event.


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