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[3.21.0 Evocati Playtest] Replication Layer Tech Preview – Test 2

Heya Evocati!

Today we have a 2nd round of Replication Layer testing on the Tech-Preview channel with CL 8942929!

Paul, Ivan, and Benoit have put together a Replication Layer build for you all to test on the Tech Preview Channel today for a roughly 4 hour playtest!

With these initial tests, we will be on a 3.21.0 build and there shouldn’t be much noticeable while playing besides 1 major feature.

Server Crash Recovery

  • Server Crash Recovery is implemented in this test. The recovery process may also take a long time (5-15 minutes) and we ask that if possible, people stay connected and wait it out.
  • Some/many game systems may show odd behavior after recovery such as being in a different position or other loss of state.

Known Issues / Features Not Enabled

There are some MAJOR known issues for this build to avoid so please read these over!

  • PU – UI / Network – Party markers are not present for players
  • EVO will find it difficult to keep track of each other, especially without any active missions
  • (SERVER MESHING SPECIFIC) – PU – NETWORK – QT – After a server crash during a QT the quantum fuel isn’t accounted for the distance travelled when the server comes back online
  • Exploit allowing players to unintentionally not spend any fuel during Quantum Travel
  • (SERVER MESHING SPECIFIC) – PU – Locations / Transit / Network – After server has recovered from a crash shuttles and elevators will desync the player from them
  • Blocks players from continuing without a reset

Fixed Since Previous Test

  • Fixed – PU – Stanton – Lorville – Locations / Art – Visareas in Teasa Spaceport is completely missing
  • Fixed – PU – Stanton – Network / Actor – Player unable to die in 80 player play test – (needs verification)
  • Fixed – PU – Stanton – Game Code / Characters – Player’s will not be logged out of their ship bed’s properly they will be booted into deep space
  • Fixed – PU – Missions – Missions does not get accepted when viewed in the Accepted Tab within the contracts manager
  • Fixed – PU – Stanton – Mining / Network – Mineable rocks turn invisible on approach

Testing Schedule

  • The playtest is scheduled to start at TBD and run for about 4 hours on the Tech Preview Channel on US servers only
  • During this playtest, play as normal, keeping in mind the known issues above!
  • The Network Team will be in Spectrum and watching servers throughout this test so any questions here or in ETF-Testing-Chat might be addressed!

Thank you all so much for joining us in these initial tests of the Replication Layer!

-Wakapedia Player Experience

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