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[Evocati Playtest Now Closed] Static Server Meshing Tech-Preview Playtest

Hello Evocati testers!

We have a very special one for you today that will help change the Star Citizen Universe going forward with Static Server Meshing!

In this first in a long series of Meshing playtest, today’s build will consist of shards with 2 servers statically meshed with one running Stanton and another running Pyro. You will be able to choose which location to go into and we know you all would love to see Pyro again but we would really love a healthy mix of both star systems populated to get the data needed for Ivan, Clive, Paul, and the whole Server Meshing Team to continue to iterate and improve meshing!

We are issuing a warning about the jump gates. There is currently a bug that will break everyone’s game in the PU with you if you attempt to use them. If you use them in today’s build it will break everyone on the server with a bug that will require them to relog. We will consider this a PVP action which is against Evocati rules!

Playtest Instructions

Audience: Evocati Only (Under NDA: No Streaming, Videos, Screenshots)
Features: Static Server Meshing (2x DGS), Stanton + Pyro, Server Crash Recovery
Focus: General Gameplay, Interaction Delay Reproduction (PU Only)
Where: TECH-PREVIEW Channel
Build: 3.22-tp 9086477 (US Servers Only)
When: Today – 4 hour playtest starting TBD
We will have a dedicated issue council environment open for reporting issues

Known Issues

  • Pyro based missions are not currently being offered
  • Stanton based missions may be offered while in Pyro but will not be completable
  • Outposts and settlement locations on Pyro planets do not have QT markers
  • While server crash recovery is enabled not all gameplay systems will recover gracefully, please let us know where/if you see issues
  • While the Stanton – Pyro jump points are present in this build they are not functional and attempting to use it may result in graphical anomalies. We know this is very exciting and we look forward to testing this with you soon but please avoid them for now
  • The Jump Drive UI that you may see in some vehicles is placeholder


  • Stanton or Pyro may be selected when joining the game, it is not currently possible to travel between them
  • Once you have chosen a starting system it will not be possible to change it later

Please use this thread to discuss issues and callouts along with the issue council.

This is a big milestone and we wanted to thank you all so much for testing along with us!

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