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This Week in Star Citizen 12/2022

Happy Monday, everyone!

Alpha 3.17 is currently in the ever-capable hands of the Evocati testing group. While these brave pioneers of community-supported game development keep reporting bugs and providing feedback on upcoming features of Alpha 3.17, the team improves the overall build’s stability.

Those of you eagerly awaiting Wave 1 and the following phases of the PTU should stand by closely, as we’re eager to widen testing soon. In the meantime, our Stella Fortuna event continues, which includes our latest contest that could see you flying away in a new ship for free!

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

This Tuesday, look out for the first Alpha 3.17 Patch Watch thread on Spectrum! In these posts, we aim to spotlight some of less-known but still greatly impactful additions/improvements.

On Thursday, Inside Star Citizen welcomes the Player Experience team and a Sprint Report. In addition, we’ll release a comm-link diving into the details of the upcoming ship-to-ship refueling mechanic. 

This Friday, we found a free slot in our schedule to make good on the postponed interview with the EU Gameplay team in a new episode of Star Citizen Live on our official Twitch channel. The show will start at 9am Pacific / 4pm UTC. You’ll also receive our weekly RSI Newsletter delivered to your inbox, and Subscribers can look forward to an update to the Subscriber Vault. 

Have a stellar week both in and out of the ‘verse!

Christian ‘Wayne-CIG’ Schmitt
Community Manager


MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2022

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FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2022

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